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Healthy, Gorgeous Hair

 Is anyone’s dream, it’s a woman’s crown.

We have an exclusive range of 100% natural hair care products under Revel. And a luxurious line of hair extensions and custom made wigs under Amar Laude.


Brittle and dry hair can negatively affect a woman’s confidence, with Revel’s Hair Food you can strengthen your hair from the roots to the tips. Revel’s hair food help’s your scalp insulate moisture improving moisture retention, which keeps your hair from getting dry and brittle. The more moisture your scalp retains the faster and healthier your hair can grow.

When the body is devoid of nutrients, it becomes very important to feed you scalp and hair with nourishment. Revel’s hair care range can help nourish your hair inside out, which results in your hair growing faster, stronger, longer, and thicker. Our products are suitable for any hair type or skin type. Whether you prefer to keep your hair relaxed or natural, our product range can work for you and your hair goals.


A deficiency in vitamin B can result in dull, brittle hair. We have enriched our products with a range of vitamins found in the B family which improve blood circulation, resulting in greater blood flow to the scalp, as well as more oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles.

When hair follicles are healthy you are able to grow long, thick hair at an efficient rate. Healthy follicles help to prevent hair loss that can result in alopecia.


Each product in our hair care range is dedicated to soothing a dry scalp, repairing damaged hair lines, curbing split ends, moisture retention and growth, all of which contribute to healthy hair. This contributes to rejuvenating you hair and scalp

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Nourishing Hair Spray

For hair that is coarse by nature, moisture is key to enhance shine and manageability. The oil your scalp produces to nourish your hair strands often doesn’t travel so easily down the shaft of your hair because African hair is mostly kinky curly, unlike straight hair strands. This makes curly hair more prone to drying up and hence being more brittle.


To solve this we created the Nourishing Hair Spray which has the ability to nourish your hair strands with the much needed oils you hair requires to grow strong – giving your hair a thicker and voluminous texture.

Each jar of hair food is enriched with essential oils and vitamins such as vitamin, A, B, C, E et al. This fortifies each hair strand by coating it and protecting it. Ensuring moisture is locked into your scalp which enables your hair to feel moist, taking away the dry feeling it often has when the weather is usually dry.


In order for your hair to grow at optimum your follicles need to have the nutrients needed for hair growth, the strengthening hair food provides all the food your scalp needs to grow healthy hair strands.

Strengthening Hair Food


Other products that are coming soon


  • Curl Cream
  • Restore & Regrow Hair Cream
  • Edge Control
  • African Black Soap Shampoo with Shae Moisture

Fun Facts


  • Vitamin C prevents the production of the baldness protein DKK-1 which is present in people who suffer from hair loss.
  • Vitamin C deficiency can result in weak and brittle hair that is prone to falling out or shedding.
  • Vitamin E locks in moisture
  • Washing your hair too often can lead to a dry scalp and brittle hair.
  • Folic acid (found in vitamin B) makes your hair thicker and shinier
  • It’s ideal to wash your hair not more than once a month.



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