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Natural Remedies

We believe in taking the utmost care in looking after your largest organ, your skin. Our lavish range of Revel skin care products are dedicated to enriching your skin with essential minerals and oils.


Are you tired and worn out from using pharmaceutical drugs, that deteriorate your health in the long term from undesired side effects. This often leads many to take medication to counteract the side effects of medication being used to treat the initial illness. It ends up being a vicious cycle of taking one drug to fix the symptoms of the other drug, which leads to unnecessary expenditures on medication.

Pain Relief

Swollen and painful joints can affect a person’s quality of life adversely, by limiting one’s ability to move and function. Pharmaceutical drugs are not the only way to treat pain. We have pioneered all natural pain relief ointments that are applied externally.


Body pain shouldn't be a normal part of anyone's life. Revel Skin Care Therapy has a range of products that reduce body pain, cellulite, swelling/inflammation cause by such diseases as arthritis. The range also includes products that help you breathe easier when you have asthma. Most of the individuals who have tried the pain and arthritis topical oils tell us that on average within 2 minutes the pain has dissipated.


There are numerous plants that we have collated which have natural pain relief qualities that are effective in reducing joint and neuropathic pain, by acting on sensory receptors that help to turn down or block the feeling of pain.

Healthy, Glowing Skin

More often than not the nutrients and minerals that a person gets from food eaten don’t end up going to the skin for nourishment in quantities required. This deficiency enables diseases and illnesses to take root and thrive, as the body does not have enough nutrients to prevent disease or fight it off, hence the symptoms worsen. Applying ointments to the skin allows the skin and muscles to get nourished directly with sufficient nutrients as needed.



Using our topical oils (ointments) is a great way of providing most of the minerals the skin and muscles need to function at optimum or maintain the skins health.



Revel’s Asthma Topical Oil helps you or your loved one breathe easier, especially at night. Once the oil is absorbed into your skin, it sinks into your muscles and relaxes them, allowing the muscles that line your bronchiole to relax and contact as needed by your lungs – allowing more air to pass through. Asthma attacks become less frequent with the use of the Asthma Topical Oil allowing you to sleep easier and more peacefully.


The Pain Relief Topical Oil assists you manage the pain you experience by relieving pain on different parts of your body, from muscle pain to joint pain. Chronic pain can often be a result of injuries, this pain can be managed by applying Revel’s Pain Relief Topical oil.


Applying the topical oil on the stressed area can relieve headaches induced by body stress and back strain. This relaxes the back, shoulder and neck muscles after applying the oil has been massaged in.

Body Pain

Advanced Arthritis

Both ointments work to relieve individuals of the pain, swelling & inflammation caused by arthritis. The ointments are able to relieve arthritis symptoms within 24hours of application.


Using our topical oils or ointments is great way of providing most of the minerals the skin and muscles need to function at optimum or maintain the skins health.


- Arthritis Advanced Serum – For severe pain and symptoms (ml/ml)



Most arthritis patients tend to suffer from joint pain, in more severe cases swelling or inflammation and a loss of moto function in any of the limbs. Depending on the severity of the symptoms we have a variety of products that will sooth the symptoms experienced in accordance with the severity. The ointment nourishes the skin and muscles to improve its natural resistance against arthritis symptoms.


- Arthritis Topical Oil – For mild to moderate pain and symptoms (25ml/80ml)


The dimpled lumpy appearance, cellulite along with the appearance of stretch marks are reduced when the topical oil is applied. The bonds between the connective tissue underlying the skin are strengthened making it harder for fat deposits to push against the connective tissue, thus reducing the appearance of cellulite. Strongly bonded connective tissue doesn’t stretch easily and it’s increased connectiveness begins to reduce the width of stretch marks, thus reducing their appearance.


Acne is more common in teens and young adults, it shows up as pimples on the skin. Symptoms range from blackheads to pus filled pimples and bumps on the skin. When hair follicles also become clogged up it causes white-heads, blackheads or pimples.


Revel Beauty's acne topical oil helps to unclog the pores in the skin, detoxing it thus reducing the appearance of pimples on ones face.



Atopic dermatitis commonly known as eczema usually develops in early childhood, but also can be prevalent in adults. It is generally caused by the skin being irritated by irritants such as soap, and food eaten that ones body may not want or be able to process. When the body does not want that ingredient it sometimes tries to push out that ingredient through the skin and out of the body, which causes rashes, skin drying up, skin cracking up, skin peeling off or flaking off.


Our eczema topical oil helps to alleviate these symptoms, clearing the skin and healing it.



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